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Jae-Ouk Kim, Ph.D.

Head of Molecular Immunology

Jae-Ouk Kim, Ph.D. is the Head of Molecular Immunology at IVI. Throughout her career, she has pursued pathogen- and vaccine-related research. She is interested in the elucidation of protective immune mechanisms against pathogens, and adjuvants that enhance T cell immune responses. As a research scientist in the neonatal vaccinology program at IVI in 2010, she led the assessment of the maternal effect on specific immune responsiveness to BCG, a number of candidate TB vaccines, and respiratory syncytial virus glycoprotein core fragment in neonatal mice. She also studied the role of neonatal NKT cell sensitization in RSV disease in mice. Currently, her research has focused on the development of a universal Shigella vaccine targeting conserved outer membrane proteins. Dr. Kim is also leading a project involving the development of neutralizing antibodies against hemorrhagic fever viruses, such as the Ebola virus.

Besides serving as the as the principal investigator in various research projects, Dr. Kim led the strategic study on the establishment and management of the Reference Lab for Clinical Evaluation of Vaccines, funded by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. She is also involved in establishing a MERS-CoV vaccine evaluation system.

Dr. Kim graduated from the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University (SNU) and continued her graduate studies, majoring immunology under the mentorship of Prof. Chang-Yuil Kang at SNU and completing her Ph.D. She then served as a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Gary J. Nabel’s lab at the Vaccine Research Center/NIAID/NIH, USA, before joining IVI in 2008.