IVI Collaborating Centers

About IVI Collaborating Centers (CCs)


IVI CCs are joint partnerships between IVI and its collaborating partner institutions with expertise in vaccine R&D, field research, and capacity building. They are an integral part of IVI’s work to develop and introduce vaccines for infectious diseases of global health importance, and our commitment to form sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships in the countries where we work.

The IVI CCs help advance IVI’s research and strategic objectives at the national, regional, and global levels while strengthening core capabilities locally and creating new opportunities for collaboration.

Role and Functions


IVI CCs perform collaborative projects with IVI, including the development of joint research proposals and/or the implementation of scientific and technical activities.

CC activities may include: lab research and diagnostic testing, vaccination campaigns, clinical research and clinical trials, disease surveillance, health economics studies, capacity-building training, community engagement, health and disease prevention education, and other relevant activities. 

In addition to pursuing scientific work, IVI CCs may also serve as IVI’s country-level representative to the host country government and civil society, handling routine communications and engagement. The roles and functions of each CC are specified in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between IVI and the CC.

Eligibility for Designation


Formally established institutions that may be eligible for designation include parts of universities, research institutes, hospitals or academies that currently or regularly work with IVI. Government departments, agencies, and ministries are also eligible for designation. A designation will be limited to the specific department, division, laboratory, unit, or other part that collaborates with IVI. 

To be considered for designation as an IVI CC, eligible institutions should fulfill the following criteria:

I. High scientific and technical standing at national and international levels;

II. Prominent place in the country’s health, scientific or educational structures;

III. Strong working relationship with IVI and other institutions in the country and region;

IV. Clear ability, capacity, willingness, and readiness to contribute to IVI’s mission;

V. Clear scientific, technical, and geographical relevance to IVI’s work;

VI. Reliable leadership and highly qualified personnel.

Procedure for Designation


When an institution expresses interest in becoming an IVI CC, a locally engaged IVI Principal Investigator will initiate the process to receive the Proposal for Designation. 

Proposals shall include an institutional profile, terms of reference providing a general, high-level overview of future collaboration, and a work plan providing a list of activities the IVI CC candidate would carry out. These proposals will be discussed and jointly developed with IVI’s Global Affairs & Communications office for final review and agreement by the IVI Director General (DG).

Should the IVI DG conditionally approve the partner institute as an IVI CC, further investigations into the partner institute will be carried out, including a risk assessment and other investigations as deemed necessary.

Following a positive determination of the investigations, IVI will enter into negotiations with the partner institution to reach an agreement on the terms and conditions of its IVI CC designation. 

The final negotiations with the partner institution will conclude with the agreement of an MoU with specific terms and references designating the institution as an IVI CC.

Support and Resources


Designation of an institution as an IVI CC does not confer a fiduciary responsibility on IVI or the designated institution to fund the IVI CC. Implementation of any projects arising out of the IVI CC partnership may be subject to the availability of the appropriate funds, in which case the funding for the projects will be provided from both parties and/or appropriate third parties. IVI CCs are staffed with personnel delegated by the host institution, locally hired personnel, and IVI employees dispatched from headquarters, when required. IVI provides IVI CC staff with training and capacity-building opportunities through an IVI fellowship program and supplies equipment for the IVI CCs to carry out their role when deemed necessary. 

A signboard with the IVI emblem is provided to the IVI CCs as part of the designation ceremony.

Contact Details


If you would like more details about IVI Collaborating Centers, please contact IVI’s Global Affairs & Communications office:

Youngmi Cho, Head of Global Affairs & Communications: Youngmi.Cho@ivi.int 

Colin McCann, Global Affairs Manager: Colin.McCann@ivi.int