Board of Trustees

Mr. George Bickerstaff (Chairperson)

Partner and Managing Director,
M.M. Dillon & Co.

Prof. Gordon Dougan

GSK Professor
Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge
Innovations Strategy Expert in Residence, Wellcome Trust
United Kingdom

Dr. Melanie Saville

Director, Vaccine Development, CEPI
United Kingdom

Dr. Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele

Independent Public Health Consultant
Former Director, Department of Vaccines and Immunization, WHO

Dr. Hanna Nohynek (Vice Chairperson & Chair of Governance & Nominating Committee)

Chief Physician & Team Leader
Vaccine Programme Development
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Finland

Dr. Chris Varma (Chair of Compensation & Benefits Committee)

Chairman & CEO
Frontier Medicines Corp.

Mr. Malcolm Sweeney (Chair of Finance Committee)

Independent Consultant

Dr. Ralf Clemens (Chair of Scientific Committee)

Principal and Founder
Grid Europe Consulting

Ziad Ahmed A. Memish

Senior consultant Infectious Diseases
Director Research Department
Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital
Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

Anthony Ford-Hutchinson

CSO, Ribonova, Inc
Independent Pharmaceutical Industry

Representatives of WHO, UNDP, and Host Country (Republic of Korea)

Dr. Takeshi Kasai

Regional Director
International Vaccine Institute
WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)
Manila, Philippines

Ms. Jooyeon Ellen Kang

International Organizations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Korea

Dr. Sung-Soon Kim

Center for Vaccine Research
National Institute of Infectious Diseases
National Institute of Health / Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
Republic of Korea

United Nations Development Programme


Representatives of State Parties to Establishment Agreement

Dr. Catharina Maijgren Steffensson

Associate Director, Medical Director Nordics
Sarepta Therapeutics

Ms. Outi Kuivasniemi

Director for International Affairs
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Republic of Finland

Dr. Ximena Garzón Villalba

Minister of Public Health

Dr. Leon Mutesa

Professor of Human Genetics
Director, Center for Human Genetics
College of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of Rwanda
Republic of Rwanda


Dr. Jerome Kim

Director General
International Vaccine Institute