Vaccines can prevent diseases that threaten children in the developing world


1.3 billion at risk | 2.8 million cases 95,000 deaths

  • Linked with poverty, poor sanitation and lack of
    clean drinking water
  • Causes deadly outbreaks in humanitarian crises
  • Children under 5 most affected

Typhoid Fever

11.9 million cases | 129,000 deaths

  • Prevalent in settings with no access to clean water, good hygiene or sanitation
  • Severe cases can be fatal for young children
  • Current vaccines don’t protect infants


390 million infections | 50% world population at risk

  • Major cause of illness and death in children in Asia and Latin America
  • Mosquito-borne viral infection in tropical and sub-tropical climates
  • Rapid spread due to effects of globalization


Over 2,220 cases | 790 deaths since 2012

  • First found in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and spread to 27 countries
  • Relatively little known about virus and disease; no vaccine or treatment exists
  • Major outbreak in South Korea in 2015 – 186 cases and 36 deaths