IVI and Panama


IVI Member State

On October 28, 1996, The Permanent Representative of Panama to the United Nations, H.E. George E. Illueca, signed the IVI Establishment Agreement.


Ongoing Collaboration

Chikungunya Vaccine Development

IVI’s Global Chikungunya vaccine Clinical Development Program (GCCDP) is advancing the clinical development of Bharat Biotech International Ltd’s (BBIL) Chikungunya vaccine candidate (BBV87) through a Phase II/III randomized, controlled trial to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of a 2-dose regimen of BBV87 Chikungunya vaccine in healthy adults at 9 clinical trial sites across 5 countries (Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala,  Panama, and Thailand) with endemic Chikungunya. GCCDP is in partnership with BBIL and funded by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) with support from the Ind-CEPI mission of the Department of Biotechnology, India.

GCCDP seeks to develop and manufacture an affordable Chikungunya vaccine with the aim of achieving WHO prequalification to enable its distribution in low- and middle-income countries, consistent with CEPI’s core commitment to equitable access, affordability and sustainability. As needed, CEPI or BBIL may propose a third-party for manufacturing of a stockpile of investigational product to be used for further clinical trials in outbreak conditions to advance vaccine development, or pursuant to an emergency use authorization in emergency situations based on national or international guidance (such as by the WHO).

In Panama, GCCDP is conducting clinical trials alongside