Concerns about the spread of COVID-19: When will a vaccine be developed? When can we expect the “Super Vaccine”?

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) News published an article featuring Dr. Manki Song, Deputy Director General of IVI’s Science unit, to discuss global efforts to create a […]

Jerome Kim for Korea, Factual: “Hong Kong’s handling of COVID-19 outbreak & Prospects of vaccine development”

Jerome Kim, Director General of IVI, sat down with Korea, Factual, a weekend radio show on tbs eFM [101.3MHz] to discuss vaccine development for COVID-19, how international […]

Korea should join efforts in vaccine development to prevent pandemics (JoongAng Ilbo)

by Jerome H. Kim, Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) Originally published in the JoongAng Ilbo (Korean language) and Korea JoongAng Daily (English language) […]

China Daily | S. Korea can try out makeshift hospitals, experts say