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IVI-led CAPTURA consortium wins Fleming Fund award for work on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) data across Asia

SEOUL, South Korea — An international consortium, led by the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), has received funding from the UK’s Fleming Fund Regional Grants to conduct […]

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IVI scientists’ paper recommended by Faculty of 1000 Biology, and Korea’s bioscience portal

Dr. Manki Song, Acting Deputy Director General of Science   Dr. Manki Song, Acting Deputy Director General of Science, Dr. Jae Seung Yang, Senior Scientist, and […]

Former KSC Vice President Ms. Joanne Lee donates 50 million KRW to IVI

  Ms. Joanne Lee, former Vice President of the Korea Support Committee for IVI and former Chairperson of the IVI Fundraising Campaign Committee (2005-2006), donated 50 […]