Resources on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

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Planning, Policy and Advocacy:

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week: United Against Drug Resistance: From threats and opportunities from COVID-19, to action against AMR:

Technology-supported Capacity Building on AMR Surveillance: Findings from the Pilot Phase (September 2019):

Ways of Working and Learning in AMR surveillance systems in LMICs: Findings from the scoping phase (November 2018):

Tools of the Trade: Data Management Software in AMR Surveillance (Sep 2020):

The Wellcome Trust


The Wellcome



What are drug-resistant infections? Q&A explains what drug-resistant infections are, who is affected and what we can do to stem them:

The Global Response to AMR Momentum, success, and critical gaps (Nov 2020):

Drug-resistant infections: transforming the global response (Factsheet 2020):

Reframing Resistance: How to communicate about Antimicrobial Resistance Effectively (2019):

Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance: Sharing industry data (Post-pilot project report March 2018):

Initiatives for Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment Current Situation and Challenges (April 2018):

Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (2018):

World Health Organization (WHO)


World Health




Antimicrobial Resistance:

Factsheet on Antimicrobial Resistance

Inter-agency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (IACG):

No Time to Wait: Securing the Future from Drug-resistant Infections (Report to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, April 2019):

AMR Framework for Action. Supported by the IACG (2017):

Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance (2015):

Further information on the Global Action Plan:

Other WHO resources on AMR:




OIE Annual Report on Antimicrobial Agents Intended for Use in Animals (2020):

European Centre for Disease Control


European Centre for

Disease Control

Directory of online resources for the prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and healthcare-associated infections (HAI):

Antimicrobial resistance in the EU/EEA (EARS-Net): Annual Epidemiological Report for 2019:

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United States Centers for

Disease Control and