World Health Organization (WHO):

Party of the IVI Establishment Agreement


On 12 May 1997, the Fiftieth World Health Assembly (WHA50) voted to approve the Establishment of the IVI, becoming a founding member of the Institute.

WHA50 Deliberations on joining IVI:

English (pages 165-170)

French/Français (pages 185-190)

Russian/Русский (pages 231-238)

Spanish/Español (pages 183-188)

WHO Leadership at IVI

The WHO has a two permanent seats on the IVI Board of Trustees (BOT) and is normally represented by the Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO). Dr. Takseshi Kasai, Regional Director of WPRO, is the current WHO representative on the IVI BOT.


IVI: Partner on WHO Committees and Initiatives

IVI scientists and researchers play key roles across the WHO ecosystem, codeveloping solutions on vaccine delivery, treatment costs, and vaccine safety. The development of IVI’s Oral Cholera Vaccine enabled the WHO to establish the ICG-administered cholera vaccine stockpile and the Ending Cholera—A Global Roadmap to 2030 strategy. IVI is currently a member of the following WHO committees and initiatives:

Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC)

Global Vaccine Safety Initiative (GVSI)

Implementation Research Advisory Committee (IVIR-AC)

Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR)

International Coordinating Group on vaccine provision for Cholera (ICG)

Product Development for Vaccine Advisory Committee (PDVAC)