IVI and Taiwan


Previous Collaboration


Capacity Building

Since 2000, over 38 Taiwanese researchers and medical professionals have received training at IVI’s annual International Vaccinology Course.


Childhood Empyema and Pneumonia

Taiwan began its collaboration with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) in 2005, when it was one of seven countries to participate in an IVI-led study on childhood empyema in the Asia-Pacific. The original study was followed by a surveillance study conducted in Australia, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. 


IVI’s childhood empyema surveillance study continued to examine hospital and lab records of children over 15 years of age at representative hospitals in 2007, pulling records from four representative hospitals in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The study was conducted to identify gaps in knowledge about childhood diseases that could prospectively be treated by pneumococcal conjugate vaccines. 


In 2008, IVI utilized funding from Wyeth Vaccines to collaborate with local doctors in Taiwan to study the burden of childhood and adult hospitalizations in the Asia-Pacific due to pneumonia. 


Dengue Research

In August 2007, the 3rd Asian Dengue Research Network, co-sponsored by IVI and the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases was held in Taipei, Taiwan. The event was attended by over 400 researchers from the Asia-Pacific. 

Taiwan is a non-member state of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI).
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