IVI and Nicaragua


Previous Collaboration


Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative (PDVI)

In 2003, Nicaragua’s government participated in a disease burden study as a part of the Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative (PDVI). This research – also called a cost-of-illness study – continued in 2004 and was conducted to prepare the Nicaraguan government’s budget for the newly developed pediatric dengue vaccine and done in collaboration with the Ministry of Health’s National Center for Diagnosis and Reference. Throughout 2006, PDVI formed agreements with local research institutes and health ministries to support dengue surveillance studies in Managua, Nicaragua. 


In 2008, PDVI interviewed healthcare professionals and policymakers from national hospitals and local governments, finding that there was a significant interest in dengue vaccines. Collaboration was initiated between PDVI and the U.S. CDC in 2009 to test the economic impact of dengue in Nicaragua through the DenguEcon model. PDVI’s Nicaragua study closed in 2010, indicating that a higher incidence in children existed from preliminary findings in Managua.