Henry Lau joins IVI as Goodwill Ambassador

– Singer-songwriter, Henry to team up with the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), founded by the United Nations Development Programme to develop and deliver new vaccines for global health – IVI Director General Dr. Jerome Kim: “IVI is privileged to have Henry on board, and grateful […]

IVI Director General addresses ‘neglected diseases’ in STAT News

We are pleased to share IVI Director General Dr. Jerome Kim’s First Opinion Editorial: “‘Neglected diseases’ are anything but neglected by the billion-plus people living with them,” which was published recently in STAT News, a major news portal in health and science. Read the article as […]

IVI scientist gives expert commentary to Korea’s major broadcaster on measles outbreak and vaccine aversion

31 cases reported of a ‘forgotten disease’ –the measles, due to vaccine aversion SBS TV, January 15, 2019   A new measles patient has been reported in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. It is a three-year-old girl who has not been vaccinated. Experts claim that measles cases […]

Reason for measles outbreak in “measles free” Korea

Reason for measles outbreak in “measles free” Korea By Jerome Kim, Director General, International Vaccine Institute   In 2014, the World Health Organization declared Korea “measles free” –yet, in 2019 an outbreak of measles in the country has affected 37 patients.  Similarly, the United States […]