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Author Kim JS, Choi JA, Kim JC, Park H, Yang E, Park JS, Song M, Park JH
Title Microneedles with dual release pattern for improved immunological efficacy of Hepatitis B vaccine.
Journal Name Int J Pharm
Month / Year 01/2021
Vol (No) 591 ()
Page 119928 ~

In this study, dissolving microneedles (DMNs) with dual-release pattern, capable of both bolus release and slow release, were prepared. These DMNs were used with a hepatitis B vaccine that requires multiple shots to achieve immunological efficacy comparable to that obtained when two separate shots are administered. Dissolving microneedles with HBsAg in PLA tips and CMC coating formulation together (HBsAg-PLA/CMC-DMNs) consist of polylactic acid (PLA) tips for slow release, a carboxy-methyl cellulose (CMC) coating formulation for bolus release, and a dissolving base of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) for dissolution in the skin. The in vitro release pattern of HBsAg from the CMC coating formulation and PLA tips was observed. Through an in vivo test, 1) the delivery efficiency of HBsAg-PLA/CMC-DMNs was observed, and 2) the immunological efficacy of this method was compared with the efficacy of two shots delivered by conventional intramuscular (IM) administration and two shots delivered by HBsAg-coated microneedle (CMNs) administration. HBsAg-PLA/CMC-DMNs punctured the skin successfully. The PVA/PVP base was completely dissolved within 10 min of insertion, resulting in the delivery of all microneedle tips into the skin. In the in vitro release experiment, all of the HBsAg in the CMC coating formulation was released within 20 min, and the HBsAg present in the PLA tips was gradually released over more than 55 days. The antibody titer of one shot of HBsAg-PLA/CMC-DMNs was the same as or higher than two shots delivered by conventional IM and CMN methods. DMNs with dual-release pattern can deliver two formulations simultaneously with a single shot, resulting in improved immunological efficacy of HBsAg that requires multiple doses. In addition, this dual-release MN system can be used for the delivery of other drugs that require multiple administrations.