Journal Publications

AuthorMacleod CK, Bright P, Steer AC, Kim J, Mabey D, Parks T
TitleNeglecting the neglected: the objective evidence of underfunding in rheumatic heart disease.
Journal NameTrans R Soc Trop Med Hyg
Month / Year 08/2019
Vol (No)113 (5)
Page287 ~ 290

BACKGROUND: Despite the substantial global burden of disease, rheumatic heart disease research receives little funding globally. METHODS: Using data from the Global Burden of Disease Study and funding from the G-FINDER database, we propose a novel logarithmic disability neglect index (DNI) to describe disease burden using disability-adjusted life years relative to funding for 16 major tropical diseases. RESULTS: Across a range of diseases, rheumatic heart disease received the least funding relative to disease burden (DNI=3.83). Other diseases facing similar underfunding include cysticercosis (DNI=2.71) and soil-transmitted helminths (DNI=2.41). CONCLUSIONS: Rheumatic heart disease remains severely underfunded relative to disease burden.