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2014 Summer - Message from Acting DG

2015-07-30 06:34

Dear Friends of IVI,

We welcome you to the first issue of IVI’s newsletter. After a hiatus, I’m pleased to announce the re-launch of the newsletter. We aim to bring you a summary of relevant news and updates from IVI and our partners, showcasing our successes and challenges in our mission to discover, develop, and deliver vaccines for the world’s poorest people.

In this issue, you will find information about a recent study in Odisha, India where IVI and local partners coordinated a cholera vaccination campaign in a rural part of Odisha using the oral cholera vaccine that IVI reformulated. Since the vaccine is now being used in the WHO global stockpile, this study is very timely with its focus on the challenges and issues in vaccine delivery. You will also find some program updates on our other major disease priorities, dengue and typhoid. You can also read about another important study, which examines the question of why children in developing countries don’t respond well to oral vaccines. The findings from this novel study will help devolop better strategies in vaccines, vaccination, and other interventions. Finally, we turn the spotlight towards the Korea Support Committee for IVI (KSC), a nonprofit Korean organization that has been a tireless supporter of IVI in our host country of South Korea.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter. As we continue to refine and evolve the newsletter, we welcome your feedback and suggestions at


John Morahan

Acting Director General and Chief Financial Officer