Press Releases

Press Releases

International Vaccine Institute and Technical University of Denmark to strengthen external quality assurance in the face of rising antimicrobial resistance in Asia

IVI and Sweden renew partnership to accelerate vaccines for global public health

IVI to lead critical standard reagents availability for oral cholera vaccine manufacturing to ensure their uniform efficacy and help meet global demand

IVI appoints three new members to its Board of Trustees

IVI to Accelerate Efforts in iNTS Vaccine Development

IVI acquires GCLP certification from Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

IVI Awarded $4.5 Million Grant to Increase Accessibility of Oral Cholera Vaccine

IVI Discusses Expanding Support for Global Collaboration on Vaccine R&D and Delivery with Top Foreign Diplomats in Seoul

IVI-led Consortium Awarded Fleming Fund Regional Grant to Improve Data Sharing in Fight against Antimicrobial Resistance

IVI to help developing countries tackle the spread of infectious diseases by building capacity through vaccinology training in Seoul

IVI acquires supplemental funding for Severe Typhoid in Africa Program (SETA Plus)

IVI Director General Dr. Jerome Kim to join the Human Vaccines Project’s Efforts as One of Four Distinguished Global Leaders to Decode the Human Immune System

Prof. Young Chul Sung, biotech leader, personally donates US$8.4 million to IVI

New push to develop world’s first vaccine against the deadly Strep A bacteria killing hundreds of thousand

IVI-led CAPTURA consortium wins Fleming Fund award for work on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) data across Asia

IVI receives $15.7 million grant to conduct phase III trials of new Vi-DT typhoid conjugate vaccine manufactured by SK bioscience of Korea

‘IVI Forum for Enhancement of Cooperation’ hosted jointly by the Korean Parliamentary Forum for Global Health, and KCDC under MOHW

Vaccine study confirms sensitivity of cholera test

Korean Pediatric Association, IVI, KSC exchange MOU

IVI receives $3.2 million grant to support TCV effectiveness studies in West Africa

CEPI partners with IVI to accelerate development of vaccines against emerging global health threats

Henry Lau joins IVI as Goodwill Ambassador

Nature Communications study addresses MDR typhoid

THSTI, IVI held joint symposium on Nov. 22

‘The Euvichol story’ published in Vaccine

IVI accelerates development of MERS vaccine

IVI’s 18th Vaccinology Course gathers 120 international participants from 19 countries in Seoul September 3-7

KOICA, IVI team up with Mozambican MoH and INS, partners to vaccinate 190,000 people against cholera

IVI acquires $5 million grant to support process development, scale up of typhoid conjugate vaccine with SK Bioscience



2018-02-14 08:02


폐수조시설 계측제어시스템 교체공사 입찰공고
The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) now invites sealed proposals from interested suppliers for the supply of following goods and services.

1. Ref. No: IVI-BF/2018-0209
2. Time limit to submit the proposals: 17:00 hr on February 26 (Mon), 2018
3. Goods and services to supply: Please refer to the “Attachment 1 and Attachment 2”
4. Documents to submit: Please refer to the “Attachment 1, Bid Guideline”
5. Time and place for site and bid scope explanation (현장설명회일정 및 장소): February 21 (Wed), 2018, 14:00pm, IVI, Auditorium

IVI reserves the right to cancel this bidding procedure and negotiate the contract details with short-listed bidders. The final successful bidder shall be notified to accept and sign the contract at the earliest.

Interested parties, please submit the requested information to:

Ms. Claire (Heeyoung) Kang / Purchasing & Travel Team
International Vaccine Institute
SNU Research Park, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu,
Seoul, Korea 08826

For more details, please contact Mr. Man Young Lee at 02-881-1111 ( for technical issues, or Ms. Claire (Heeyoung) Kang at 02-881-1114 ( for bid procedures and contractual issues.