Internship opportunities

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) is hiring interns who wish to increase their knowledge and skill through hands-on training in global health projects.

1. Effectiveness projects

I Activities/Tasks:

  • Contribute to a COVID-19 vaccination program executed in Madagascar/Mozambique
  • Conduct literature review for selected topics
  • Evaluate data obtained from epidemiological studies and draft manuscript

I Learning objectives:

  • Be a member of the study team and observe management of a large-scale vaccine effectiveness program conducted in Africa
  • Conduct of literature review of a particular topic
  • Data evaluation and manuscript draft

I Preferred skillsets:

  • Basics in data analysis (i.e, STATA, R)
  • Epidemiology/Public Healht/Field trial related
2. New Initiatives

I Activities/Tasks:

  • Review the national immunization policies in low- and middle-income countries
  • More specifically: Perform analysis of new vaccines available or in development for children, adolescents and adults and their implications for the mode of administration, in particular the number of injections received per age group
  • Support drafting a manuscript

I Learning objectives:

  • To learn the basic principles of national immunization programs and modes of vaccine administration
  • To develop the skills in critical evaluation of public health programs
  • To develop skills in scoping reviews and scientific writing

I Preferred skillsets:

  • Epidemiology/Public Health
3. Vaccine Process Development

I Activities/Tasks:

  • Strain Development
  • Fermentation process development
  • Purification process development
  • Formulation development

I Learning objectives:

  • To develop an understanding of fermentation processes and analyze the kinetic parameters for microbial growth, bioprocess design, and select suitable bioreactor operation
  • To develop an understanding of the various aspects of product recovery with a special focus on industrial scale processes in vaccine manufacturing
  • To develop an understanding of quality and efficiency in bioprocess, from an engineer’s and regulator’s perspective
  • To equips the student with the basic tools and training for a career in the vaccine industry

I Preferred skillsets:

  • Biotechnology, Chemical engineering, Biochemical engineering, Chemistry & Pharmacy
4. Business Development

I Activities/Tasks:

  • Analysis of IVI standard contract templates
  • Assisting for internal approval of contracts & archiving of legal documents
  • Assisting for Intellectual Property (IP) processes

I Learning objectives:

  • To get acquainted with management of contractual activities
  • To understand basic concepts of contracts drafting & reviewing
  • To analyze IP obligations & assess IP protection strategies

I Preferred skillsets:

  • LLB, IP Law, Contracts Management, Business Management, or related field
5. EPIC/immunoepidemiology

I Activities/Tasks:

  • Perform data analysis and visualization with data from two schistosomiasis disease burden and sero-epidemiology studies in Burkina Faso and Madagascar (possible examples: descriptive statistics, risk factor analysis, correlation analysis, geo-spatial analysis, other exploratory analysis, etc.)
  • Participate in drafting manuscripts summarizing the findings from the data analysis described above

I Learning objectives:

  • Learn about schistosomiasis disease
  • Learn how to explore and analyze medium size dataset (around 1000 records)
  • Learn how to efficiently visualize scientific data

I Preferred skillsets:

  • Statistics with notions of epidemiology, or epidemiology with good statistics skills (knowledge of statistical language R necessary)

Anticipated benefits of IVI Internship Program

  • Gain work experience to low- and middle-income countries, multinational teams, a wide range of project types, and a diverse array of external partners
  • Career development opportunities in global health and within an international not-for-profit organization

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Doctoral students or within one year upon graduation
  • Fluent commend of English

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum of 4 weeks; Up to 20 weeks without break
  • Up to 40 hours per week
  • On-site in IVI Headquarter (preferred); remote work is also available
  • Internship allowance will be provided (no salary); allowance may vary depending on the hours/duration of the internship
  • No financial/administrative support will be provided, including travel, accommodation, visa application, etc.
  • Interns are not an employee of IVI; not eligible for the benefits for IVI employees.
  • Successful completion of Internship will not guarantee a longer-term/paid position at IVI; however, he/she is entitled to apply for any open positions at IVI.
  • Relatives of IVI Employees can work as an intern at IVI; yet, they cannot work under the same unit.
IVI internship program


  • Mar ~ Apr 2023Application submission

    Motivation letter, Resume
  • Mar - Apr 2023Candidate selection

    Application screen, Interview, Selection, Joining arrangement
  • May - Sep 2023Internship

    Orientation, Assignments, Mid-term report, Final report
  • Additional documents for the application may be rquested if required by the project team.
  • The result will be shared individually.
  • The start and end date may vary depending on the preoject needs.

IVI internship program

Messages from IVI Interns

"My experience with IVI was intellectually stimulating, rewarding, and vital for my professional development.

Additionally, the autonomy I was given to pursue my interests and further understand how I wish to fit into the world of international development was invaluable."

Gerard G. (IVI Intern Class 2021)

"The internship at IVI was an amazing opportunity for me to learn about the range of work being done in public health to promote access to healthcare for the most vulnerable populations.

I had unparalleled support from my mentors and my team members in navigating the realm of policy and advocacy and was welcomed into the IVI family with open arms. I couldn't have asked for a better experience interning in a foreign country and at a world-class organization."

Parmita D. (IVI Intern Class 2021)

IVI internship program

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