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Job Opportunities List
No Division Job Title Date Job Type
13Laboratory Science Associate Researcher_National competition 2014.11.13Scientific
12Laboratory Science Project Research Assistant_National Competition 2014.11.13Scientific
11Portfolio Management Businuess Development (BD) Director 2014.10.20Scientific
10Laboratory Science Project Research Assistant_National Competition 2014.10.01Scientific
9Finance and Administration Financial Accountant_National Competition 2014.09.19Admin
8Development and Delivery Manager, Clinical Quality Management Center 2014.09.18Scientific
7Development and Delivery Research Scientist(Epidemiology)_International Competition 2014.09.18Scientific
6Portfolio Management Director, Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI) 2014.07.26Scientific
5Development and Delivery Research Assistant-PER Center_National competition 2014.06.12Admin
4Submit CV for future positions Research Positions: 5+ years experience 2013.07.06Scientific
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