• Job Type : Scientific
  • Contract Types : Regular
  • Contract Period : 2 years
  • Reports To : Head of Epidemiology Unit
 Job Purpose

The incumbent supports the Head of Epidemiology to facilitate the effective and reasonable implementation, conduct and evaluation of IVI’s epidemiological components of the programs and ensures that programs are adhering to ethical, medical and humanitarian principles. (S)he will liaise with external stakeholders (WHO/UNICEF/GAVI/Ministry of Healths/donors), and advocate for the projects and the IVI, and to obtain funding for the continuation and expansion of existing programs in accordance with IVI’s vision and mission. Further, the incumbent is responsible for the scientific evaluation and publication of results and representation of the programs within the international community.

 Key Accountabilities
 1. Conduct of epidemiological research projects
  • Provide scientific support on study design
  • Be responsible for the development of study protocols, forms, and standard operating procedures as well as regular written progress/performance reports on assigned projects
  • Be responsible for project-related activities as focal point and ensure compliance of project activities with national and international policies and regulatory codes and provide regular written progress/performance reports on projects to Head of Epidemiology
  • Work closely with local collaborators, doctors/health professionals to ensure that measures and consequences based on IVI’s work undertaken are according to international standards and contribute to the benefit of the patient
  • Assess national needs and possibilities to diagnose, treat and report/response to infectious diseases for providing assistance if related to project activities and strengthen the capacity of local health care staff including medical doctors and paramedical staff by training in the area of communicable disease diagnostics, treatment and surveillance
 2. Epidemiological research, data analyses and dissemination
  • Generate hypotheses and design research activities
  • Conduct analysis and interpretation of the projects data and their use for the national and international community after generating hypotheses and designing research activities, and disseminate the results
  • Develop and publish research manuscripts
  • Keep up-to-date by reading specialist literature and interpreting results of data published by other working groups
 3. Build networks with external scientist and stakeholders and actively pursue new funding opportunities
  • Engage with peers and external scientist to develop skills, validate models and study results
  • Manage external network members jointly with the Head of Epidemiology
  • Foster collaboration between IVI and WHO national and regional offices, NGO’s and national Ministries and build partnership with public health institutions present in the program country
  • Seek public and private funding to enable programs to become self-sustaining in the long term.
  • Actively pursue new funding opportunities in line with the IVI Mission and Vision and draft proposals upon internal approval
 4. Manage and supervise the work of researchers
  • Be responsible for the coordination, support and supervision of the work of Associate Research Scientists and Researchers and support staff development
  • Support project team and Head of Epidemiology as required
 Job Requirements and Qualifications
  1. Education Requirements
  • PhD, MPH or equivalent
  • Epidemiology, Public Health, Pharmacy; Ph.D. or equivalent preferred
  2. Related Field Work Experience
  • 10+ years
  3. Technical and Professional Skills / Knowledge
  • Knowledge in epidemiology and statistics
  • On-site developing countries expertise
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Scientific writing
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Applied mathematics
  • Computer programming skills
  • A strong analytical ability and high professional standards in designing, conducting, and evaluating research in developing countries
  4. Language Proficiency
  • Fluency in English
  • French an asset