Our Values

What We Stand For

IVI is committed to the mission of discovering, developing and delivering vaccines for global health. To fulfill our mission and make an impact, we aspire to the following values.

Excellence – We strive to be leaders in scientific excellence and innovation.
Dedication – We are committed to saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest people through vaccines.
Integrity – We value transparency and adhere to the highest ethical standards in our work.
Respect – We are team players who embrace diversity and treat others with dignity and equality.
Accountability – We are responsible for our actions to each other, our stakeholders, and the people we serve.

Ethics and Policies

A Code of Conduct is in place to promote responsible and ethical conduct in the workplace. We are developing or have in place policies on governance, work environment, research, intellectual property, financial stewardship, intellectual property, and conflict of interest.


As a general rule, we follow good-practice rules and principles that apply to the governance of U.S.-based nonprofit organizations and international organizations. We are committed to decision-making, transparency, and reporting for the legal entities we have established to conduct our operations. We are also committed to promoting diversity in the composition of our Board of Trustees in terms of gender, ethnicity and race, and disability. Even though IVI is an international organization and has an international legal personality separate from the states that established it, the institute complies with government regulations for the locations in which we work. Some relevant laws include those of our host country, the Republic of Korea, and federal laws such as the US Internal Revenue Service Code. Our Board meets regularly to ensure accountability and transparency, and we have established internal governance policies and procedures, including conflict-of-interest policy.

Work Environment

IVI is committed to a work environment where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. Each employee has the right to work in an atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities, and prohibits discrimination and harassment. To ensure accountability and transparency, internal policies and procedures are established addressing diversity, harassment, and professional conduct.

Ethical Conduct of Research

IVI is committed to designing and conducting research that complies with international ethical standards. We have an Institutional Review Board (IRB) recognized by the Forum for Ethical Review Committees in the Asian and Western Pacific Region (FERCAP) to ensure adoption and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ethical review in the region, taking into consideration the WHO Operational Guidelines for Ethics Committees Reviewing Biomedical Research.

In addition, our human subjects research is reviewed by local ethical committees in countries where the studies or trials take place and must follow local research ethics requirements. Research performed by third parties under contract to IVI must adhere to this policy. We require our staff involved in research projects to maintain current research ethics training certification.


Partnerships are a critical component of our work. Our partners include donors who provide restricted and unrestricted funding and collaborators to implement our work. Despite the diversity, our partners all have one thing in common. We engage with qualified groups that have values consistent with our own. Among private-sector partners, we seek manufacturers willing to apply their development, manufacturing, and distribution strengths towards supplying safe, effective and affordable vaccines for developing countries.

Financial Transparency and Accountability

We strive to uphold financial standards and principles that are expected by our donors. We also have established internal accounting policies. To ensure accountability and transparency, we perform external audits, internal audits, and third-party audits and reviews. We also have policies for procurement and travel to ensure ethical procurement of goods and services.

Conflict of Interest

IVI strives to eliminate and reduce bias and conflict of interest that may compromise our integrity and commitment to our mission. We require employees and board members to disclose financial and other interests that may pose actual or perceived conflicts of interest, and work to manage any conflicts of interest that arise from such disclosures. Our procurement policy addresses conflicts of interest.

Intellectual Property

IVI creates intellectual property or in collaboration with our partners, receives confidential information, and licenses or acquires intellectual property from other parties. Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and confidential information (including business, financial, technical, or other proprietary data).

We have policies to ensure that we properly protect intellectual property, whether it belongs to IVI or a third party. We comply with the laws and regulations that govern the rights of our own and others’ intellectual property. We expect that such information be used by employees, consultants or collaborators only for IVI business and not for personal gain. We also expect confidentiality to be kept after an employee, consultant, or collaborator is no longer employed or working with IVI.