Volunteer at IVI

[IVI’s Deadly Beauty Campaign was made possible because of volunteers]

IVI’s Deadly Beauty Campaign was made possible because of volunteers

Interested in volunteering for IVI? IVI offers various short-term volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Join us in helping make the world a better place through vaccines and vaccinations. Since we are a nonprofit organization, we greatly welcome volunteers. We look for volunteers who can help us in general administration, communications and advocacy support, events support, and research support. A volunteer certificate is issued upon completion of the volunteership.

Before applying, take the time to get to know about us by looking through the website. As IVI is an international organization and English is the official working language of the institute, English proficiency is required. Please send an up-to-date resume and cover letter as well as your available dates to: iviinfo@ivi.int.

Please note that volunteerships are available to those residing in Seoul. Volunteerships are unpaid and we do not provide compensation for travel or accommodations in Seoul.