IVI in Brief

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) is a not-for-profit International Organization established in 1997 as an initiative by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). We are among the few organizations in the world dedicated to vaccines and vaccination for global health.

Our mission: Discover, develop and deliver safe, effective and affordable vaccines for global public health.

IVI is headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, also our host country. The Republic of Korea, Sweden, and the World Health Organization (WHO) are among the 36 signatories on our international treaty.

Vaccines for Developing Countries

IVI focuses on vaccines against infectious diseases of the most impoverished. We aim to make vaccines available and accessible for vulnerable populations in developing countries.

Vaccines for Global Health

We live in an increasingly globalized world where new and emerging infectious diseases can become global health threats. IVI also focuses on vaccines against infectious diseases of major global health concern.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on three components:

  1. Research – vaccine R&D, translational and field research
  2. Partnerships – product development partnerships, international research consortia, and networks
  3. Capacity-building – training, technical assistance, and technology transfers